13 July 2019

The comic app has been updated

A comic with 2 characters, a ROBOT and a BOY. ROBOT (monstrous face):  The Comic app has been updated with new characters and faces! BOY (laughing face): That's great, but what's going on with your face? ROBOT (monstrous face); I don't know. I think someone may have changed my basic personality setting from 'good' to 'evil'. BOY (upset face): Sorry to hear it. END. made at

Some of the old characters have temporarily disappeared, but they will return soon, looking better than ever.

unknown date

Foofurple's back! After a long break away from the internet Foofurple's back, gradually restoring the old stuff and adding new stuff as well.

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A comic with two characters, a goat and a polar bear. GOAT: Hey, you're a polar bear! BEAR: Hey, you're a goat! GOAT: Did you notice how your toe claws go right outside the panel? BEAR: I know, right: It's almost as if some lazy web designer didn't think that through...