21 September 2019

Introducing: the Comic character editor!

New Foofurple website application: the Comic character editor! It's new and experimental and doesn't work very well yet. But fun!

Features include:

You're probably thinking: "Okay, but wouldn't this be better with robots?" As with so many things, the answer is yes, yes it would. Our team of engineers and scientists have plans to add in robots in the near future.

1 September 2019

The GIMP and Glimpse

A comic with two characters: a cartoon goat; 
            and a cartoon Tyranosaurosaurus rex dinosaur.
            Goat: Have you heard about the GIMP?
            Dinosaur: HEARD about it?? It's my favourite non-Inkscape image 
            manipulation program. I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!
            Goat: Wow, strong feelings there.
            Dinosaur: Yes! Did you know most blogs and social media websites 
            won't let you post SVG images?
            Goat: I didn't know that. But, SVG? I was talking about the GIMP, it's for...
            Dinosaur: ... bitmaps, I know, but when I have a beautiful SVG image - 
            like say a comic about a talking dinosaur... that solves crimes...
            Goat: You convert it to PNG format before posting it online?
            Dinosaur: Yes.
            Goat: Did you hear they made a new version of GIMP called GLIMPSE so it wouldn't
            insult disabled people?
            Dinosaur: Really? Huh.
            Dinosaur (thinks): Neat!

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tags: GIMP, Glimpse, image editor, SVG, PNG, disablism

13 July 2019

The comic app has been updated

A comic with 2 characters, a ROBOT and a BOY. ROBOT (monstrous face):  The Comic app has been updated with new characters and faces! BOY (laughing face): That's great, but what's going on with your face? ROBOT (monstrous face); I don't know. I think someone may have changed my basic personality setting from 'good' to 'evil'. BOY (upset face): Sorry to hear it. END. made at

Some of the old characters have temporarily disappeared, but they will return soon, looking better than ever.

unknown date

Foofurple's back! After a long break away from the internet Foofurple's back, gradually restoring the old stuff and adding new stuff as well.

Make your own comic!

A comic with two characters, a goat and a polar bear. GOAT: Hey, you're a polar bear! BEAR: Hey, you're a goat! GOAT: Did you notice how your toe claws go right outside the panel? BEAR: I know, right: It's almost as if some lazy web designer didn't think that through...